Acrylic Pens

This page contains the collection of acrylic and other plastic based pens available at this time. Please remember that the pen you see in the image is the pen you will be getting when you order, I do not use example photos and send you a similar pen. If you have any special requests please contact me with what you are looking for and I can provide you information on availability and timing to complete that true one of a kind pen you just have to have.

Even though these pens are acrylic they are all individually hand turned and each has a unique pattern. You may notice that these pens cost a bit more than similar wood pens available on this site, this is due to the slower and more delicate turning process required for acrylic materials.


This baby blue acrylic pen with black swirling lines is offset by the brushed satin metal components to provide a unique writing implement that is durable and sure to provide many years of service.



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