Pen and Pencil Sets

If you are looking to step things up a notch for a gift or even to adorn your personal desk, a matching pen and pencil set is the way to go. The selections shown on this page are crafted in matching design and style using the same species of wood. I have gone to efforts to try and match similar grain patterns and colorations between the two instruments, however natural materials provide unique features which prevent ever achieving a perfect matching set. This is of course what makes custom wood sets different from mass produced sets, thus making them items you or those you give them to will want to show off at every chance they get.

No need to worry about appearances beyond the natural aspects of the wood however, each set is crafted using a duplicating tool for cutting the rough shape of both the pen and pencil, then sanded and finished by hand. This provides you with a set which is always matching in style.

Although a little less common in these modern times of electronic communications, I also do provide desk sets which include letter openers as well. This provides the complete desk set for an up and coming executive or a recent grad looking to make a good impression going out into the work place.

All sets shown here are sold in combination as-is, I will not mix and match or sell any item shown in a set individually.


Pen and Pencil set made from curly maple with matte black finished components. Turned with a grip design for comfort and style. Slimline twist pen design with matching click pencil. The light wood color and subtle grain contrast with the black finish to produce an attractive set which stands out. This set comes with an attractive dark rosewood gift box.


Executive style pen and pencil set made from Ebony with brushed satin finished components. The dark classic color of ebony offset with by the satin finish of this set makes it an attractive gift for anyone. This set comes with an attractive maple gift box to further accent the rich ebony color.






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