Changing Ink Cartridges

There are many different styles of pens that I have for sale on this site. Though many follow the same process for changing the ink cartridge, not all are the same. I have tried to capture here the most common methods used for these pens. Should you have a question about your specific pen, please go to the contact page and send an email.

What refills to use?

With the exceptions of mini-pens, the various styles sold on this site use commonly available ben refills from various major pen manufactures. The best way to get the correct refill for your pen is to remove the cartridge and go to your local office supply store and purchase the matching style.


Center Twist Pens

Many of the pens sold on this site are center twist style pens, any pen where you turn the complete upper section (above the center metal ring) to move the ink cartridge in and out fall into this classification.

To replace the ink in these types of pens you should firmly grasp both the upper and lower pen barrel and pull them apart.  There will be some resistance to you pulling the pen apart.  Once you have done this you can unscrew the ink cartridge from the twist mechanism inside the pen and insert the replacement. See example image below for disassembled pen. The black plastic extending from the twist mechanism is the end of the ink cartridge.


Click Pens / End Twist Pens

Pens which have a click button or twist end (with exception of Executive style twist pens) which requires that you unscrew the pen tip, the metal portion from which the writing end of the ink cartridge comes out of.  Once this is completed you can pull the ink cartridge out and slide in the replacement.

It is important to note that there is often a spring over the tip of the ink cartridge, if the replacement you purchased does not have this you will need to transfer this spring from the old cartridge to the new one.  See image below for disassembled Polaris twist pen.



Executive Style Twist Pens

Although these are end twist pens changing the ink cartridge in these must be done by removing the end cap and twist mechanism.  To do this you first pull on the end of the pen and remove the decorative metal cover from the twist mechanism.  You then will need to unscrew the twist mechanism from the pen.  This requires you continue twisting the mechanism in a counter-clockwise motion after it reaches its lock position.  You may need to use something to help you grip the mechanism to initially get it to continue turning.  You should be careful to not deform the mechanism if you are doing this. 

Once you have removed the mechanism you can then tilt the pen back and the ink cartridge will slide out.  There is a spring over the end of the cartridge which you will most likely need to move onto the refill you purchase.  Reassembly is the opposite of disassembly. 

Please see the image below for a disassembled executive twist pen.