Custom Pens, Gifts and Woodworking

Welcome to my site for your custom wood and acrylic pens, gifts and other assorted woodworking. I have been involved on and off in woodworking for nearly 20 years now and find it a joy to create unique custom items which can be treasured for years to come. Of course there is only so much treasure that one can keep for them self or give as gifts; so I have established this web site to not only display the beauty of these to the world, but also to offer them to at reasonable prices.

Unlike everyday pens and other items you will find in any store, you can be assured that there will be only one which has the grain and unique features of those I am offering. This makes them wonderful for your own collection or to give away as a gift and are wonderful to show appreciation to anyone.

I am a strong believer in showing you what you will be getting for your money. For this reason I do not show example images of my pens and other handcrafted items. When you purchase from my site you will be getting the exact pen you see in the image. If that pen happens to be sold before you can snatch it up yourself, no need to worry, just contact us through email and indicate which item you are looking at. In most cases I can produce a similar item using the same wood and components. I also accept requests for custom pen configurations, if you see something you like but prefer a different type of wood or finish of metal components, please feel free to ask if I can meet your needs.

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